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Adept I

3700x performing poorly?


I recently upgraded from an Intel 7500 to 3700x on x570(3200/cl14) but i dont really see any performance gain.

I havent really tested it for what i bought it-gaming.I still "only" have a 1070ti and it seems to be able to keep up with the games im currently playing.Im planning on 2080 ti or something.

The reason i feel a bit disappointed is that when i unpack stuff,opening programs/chess engines/music program,booting(15-20 sec),running malware+ scans/backups(whole drives)/setups of larger games,it seems to take the same amount of time to complete.(more or less)

Is there any way to 100% confirm that my system is running as it should?Any benchmarks or measureable workloads etc?

Bios and all drivers should be up to date.

Two shots of cpu-z:

My specs:

Asus TUF x570

Ryzen 3700x

2x8GB 3200MHz cl14

gtx 1070ti

Windows 10 Pro

Watercooled CPU and good airflow in general(35-45c when not pushing it),

and only Samsung SSD's.(2,5")

I hope i didnt forget anything.Forgive me if i did,and if this is the wrong place to post.

Thanks in advance.

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Adept III

Re: 3700x performing poorly?

you can try different benchmarks like Cinebench15 or 20 to see how it stacks up against other benchmarks. In your case you probably limited by GPU for games and any type of backup/malware scanning is limited by your SSD speed a lot more than CPU. if you did video encoding or 3d rendering you'd definitely see a huge improvements though.

Adept I

Re: 3700x performing poorly?

Thanks for responding.

I got 3813 on C20.Thats only 5% or so over the 1700x.

I would also like to see how fast it clocks.Any ideas on how i can see its real potential?


Journeyman III

Re: 3700x performing poorly?

Intel i5-7500 has single core CPU Mark of 2291

My Ryzen 7-3700X has single core CPU Mark of 2681

My previous 7-1700 had single core CPU Mark of 1962. 

With software that uses single thread and single core there's not much difference in every day productivity and office use.

Lot of companies use productivity PC with dual core Pentium Gold with high clock frequency, because people use only one software at a time.

All of this CPUs are more than sufficient for common users and you don't notice much difference.

The difference is noticed when you have lot of software and threads also in background. And using parallel softwares. 

When I used single core compressors and audio-video converters, at firsth I was disappointed like you. 
But when I discovered the multithread versions of the same software I noticed huge difference in compressing, compiling, and converting time.

I've always thought that AMD started to sell server CPUs to desktop market. And in some way it was true. World and software were not ready for massive multi core CPUs.

It's better that productivity users buy 4 cores and highest frequency to have the best single core performance.

Because they use few softwares at a time.

I'm a power Linux user, I work with lot of video converting of RAW files of conferences coming from a Sony pro camera. I move big data between terabyte disks, and I'm really happy that I can run lot of process and still be able to play smoothly a video.
Often I use Virtualbox with Windows 10 inside, and I give to the VM 4 CPU core and 8GB ram and it runs like on a native desktop machine.

My collegue opens lot of documents and web pages at a time and is happy with Ryzen 5-1600 6 cores but 64 GB ram. For his job RAM is more important than raw CPU performance.

Gamers don't need more than 6 cores with high frequency, only 16GB of RAM but fast GPU, fast RAM, fast bus.


Re: 3700x performing poorly?

Here is My Cinebench R20 score right now with tons of crap running in the background.


As you can see my all time high with fans cranked to 100% and most of the background stuff disabled is 4978.

My system is pretty much the same as yours I have the 3700X on an X570 TUF with 16 GB 3600 CL16 RAM.  So I would say that your system is not entirely running at optimal levels.

I could take you down the rabbit hole with me if you are looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of your combo.