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Journeyman III

3700X IO Die temps and thermal paste application

I have Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, and Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler. I used Cooler Master MasterGel Pro V2 thermal paste recently. I applied thermal paste making big dot at the middle of IHS, and then mounted the cooler and let the cooler spread thermal paste. However I noticed that thermal paste spread is uneven. Thermal paste flow out on 3 sides of IHS but one side stayed clean. On this clean side there's IO Die located. So here's my question - how can I check IO Die temperature? Preferable software is HWinfo.


I think that spread is uneven because while screwing down the cooler I screwed down one screw a little harder than second one, at first. At the end i made it even but it could make the spread bad.

Should I reapply thermal paste?

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