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Journeyman III

3700x High Idle Temps. Temperature Spikes of 10-15c

Hey, I have had a 3700x for a couple months now and have just recently began looking at temps. I have the normal wraith prism cooler that comes with the 3700x. My CPU temp spikes to 55c from 40c before coming back down to 40c and repeating. Idk why it does this and would hopefully like to find a fix. My motherboards CPU fan software seems to change the fan speeds based on CPU temperature instead of CPU Package Temps, I'm not sure what this has to do with anything but from what I read the temps I should worry about are CPU Package? NZXT Cam does not report any spikes in use from the CPU but shows constant temp spikes in an almost perfect pattern. I will link a picture of my computer specs and a screenshot of my CPU Usage and Temp Spikes. The spikes don't look all that bad from the SS but it is a nearly 10c spike in each. Also, the software that comes with my MOBO to control CPU fan speeds is called AI Suite 3. Thank you for the help and I can tell this is somewhat confusing so please feel free to ask questions. 

CPU Info:

Computer Specs: