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Journeyman III

3700x High Idle Temperatures, Low Boost Clocks

Hi, I have just built a system with the Ryzen 7 3700x and have been experiencing idle temperatures of upwards of 55 degrees Celsius. I was wondering if these temperatures are safe and normal for this CPU. I have the latest BIOS and AMD x570 chipset driver, and still cannot pinpoint the cause of my high temperatures. My processor also boosts to 4.2 gigahertz rather than the advertised 4.4. Please let me know what I can do to fix these issues, thanks.

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Re: 3700x High Idle Temperatures, Low Boost Clocks

That's nothing to worry about as mine does spike up to 55c when idling.

If I am just browsing etc I use the Windows power Saving pan as that reduces the CPU speed and temperatures dramatically.

During gaming my temperatures are only around 60 - 65c as well so that is a good way to see how your system is running.

As for the boost well 4.3 GHZ is the maximum single core boost speed and not multi core.

You can try running Cinebench to test your maximum single and multi core boost speeds.

Enabling PBO in your BIOS will also allow your CPU to boost to its full speed as well.

Cinebench can push your CPU temperature up very high to around 95 c as it is a synthetic benchmark program.

Your CPU will throttle though to stop it going past that otherwise it will automatically shutdown to avoid any damage.


Journeyman III

Re: 3700x High Idle Temperatures, Low Boost Clocks

Thanks for the reassurance, but now my cpu doesn't go past 3.6 ghz even with PBO enabled. Is there any way you think that can solve this issue? Thanks.

Big Boss

Re: 3700x High Idle Temperatures, Low Boost Clocks

55C is well within the CPU design.

Boost clocks vary on a range of factors and given each core is individually adjustable, the boost is not easily measured. Boost on a video card is equally muddy.

At the end of the day an efficient PSU will pay for itself. My HX1000i can hand;e any power pig out there.

Adept I

Re: 3700x High Idle Temperatures, Low Boost Clocks

forget about pbo,just leave it disabled.if u want to know more about oc'ing the ryzen 3000 chips and how they work,check out all the content Gamers Nexus and Actually Hardcore Overclocking.they have very reliable data.