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Journeyman III

3600 very high temps on idle 60C+

Hi Guys,

I have had problems with my 3600 since I installed this late last year when the next gen processors first dropped which relates to the IDLE temps being ridiculously high,

I am using the below:

- ASUS prime x470 pro

- AMD ryzen 3600 (no overclock)

- Wraith heatsink (checked to make sure it's installed correctly no excessive thermal paste etc)

- all drivers are up-to date for my chip-set and processor (using ryzen master to monitor this which is also on latest software).

- I have tested using the windows balanced power plan followed by the AMD balanced one to no avail.

Reading other similar posts people seem to think this is normal for this generation of processors but it just doesn't seem normal to me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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