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Journeyman III

3600 random reboots while on internet

Over the last 3 months I have had my pc turn off and reboot with no BSOD and when I looked in event viewer is would show event I'd 41 (63).

I looked around to find what could cause this to happen. Firstly I uninstalled and reinstalled my driver's. Didn't work so I reinstalled windows as I thought that might be the case, no luck. I then tried steps to change power plans with that also not working. As I seemed to only get this while using the internet (ethernet or WiFi) especially on YouTube or netflix I got a new WiFi card however this also didn't work. Weirdly this only happens on Chrome or Firefox and edge is fine. Next was to try Ubuntu, with WiFi on it would crash as soon as I booted on the usb, I took my WiFi card out it booted fine.
This is when I started to just try different parts.

I had an old graphics card (gtx 560 ti) I tried that and no luck.
I tried memtest86 which found no problems. I swapped ram into single channel and in different slots. No luck. I got a cheap 4gb stick just in case memtest was wrong, no luck. I got a new power supply with more power, no luck.

I got a new SSD with a new windows install, no luck and finally got a new motherboard. Sadly no luck.
The main time it crashes is when I'm watching videos on netflix or YouTube however it can crash just on YouTube home. I had one instance where it crashed while installing windows updates. There are no thermal issues as all temps are well within what is acceptable GPU max at 44°c on YouTube and I have even run AIDA64 and there was no crash there.

One final weird thing was when I thought I'll put my gpu fans to max and play a YouTube video just in case it was overheating and didn't say but as I applied the fans to run at max it crashed. I tried this again with WiFi disabled and it didn't crash.

No online games cause my pc to reboot.
All tests were done on windows 10 home
There are no buckcheck codes or any other info on event I'd 41 in event viewer.
All drivers are up to date.
The "crash" or "reboot I refer too is: I'm watching a video or whatever pc black screens and starts up as if I just powered it on.
---PC SPECS---
Ryzen 5 3600
Stock cooler
Asrock phantom gaming 4 x570 mobo
Radeon Rx 5700 from power colour
16gb Corsair vengeance 3000 MHz ram
Thermal take TR2 S 600w PSU
Kingston a400 120gb data SSD (windows)
Seagate Barracuda 1tb HDD
To link 300mbps pcie WiFi card


Finally my WiFi is BT and it's ipv4

The CPU is the only part of my pc that I haven't changed yet but wanted to know more before replacing it.

Please help and thank you.

2 Replies

If you have the issue in Chrome but not Edge then it's probably the hardware acceleration in Chrome that's causing the issue with Youtube and Netflix.

In Chrome go to Setting>Advanced>System to turn off the hardware acceleration.

Since you had a crash during one of your windows updates it's probably worth scanning windows for any errors too.

WIN+x, and select the Powershell(admin)

Type sfc /scannow command and press enter.

Not really sure what's going on with the WiFi.

If you open up device manager and find your WiFi card.

Right click and select properties.

Events Tab

And click on show all events button and let us know what errors are showing up.

Journeyman III


Thanks for the input. I had tried turning off GPU acceleration but that didn't solve the issue. I tried again and it still didn't work. 

The SFC scan showed windows was fine.

I don't really understand the WiFi problem either. Through my testing it only crashes NAD reboots while I'm connected to WiFi and only on certain apps such as chrome firefox or sometimes windows updates. It's so nitpicky as I can still search for things on Chrome and even download files just any media and poof.