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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

3550H CPU frequency low in battery mode

Hi Experts,

I have an Huawei notebook with Ryzen 3550H CPU. the detail configure is as below.

  • CPU 3550H
  • DRAM 2x8GB 2400M
  • BIOS 1.06
  • windows 10 version 19042

The CPU frequency could go around 3.5Ghz with AC online, but the CPU could get strange frequency in battery mode. During battery mode, the cpu can only be 2.4Ghz, but can be 3.5Ghz if GPU decode is working. details as below.  is there any reason of the issue?


Power ModeGPU graphic versionGPU decodeCPU boost frequency
AC on20.10.1idle3.6GHZ

After more tests, I found the cpu package power budget will be set to 

  • 35w if hardware decoder is working in battery mode 
  • 12.5w if hardware decoder is not working in battery mode

And, the old 19.12.3-Dec18 version graphic driver don't have this issue.

Is anything i can do, like change the register setting, to let CPU can boost to 3.5Ghz in battery mode without GPU decode working?



Detail screenshots

  • AC ON , the CPU frequency could be 3.63Ghz


  • In battery mode without video play back, the CPU frequency is only 2.4 Ghz

Battey Mode, No Video.png

  • In battery mode, with youtube video playback, the CPU frequency can go 3.5Ghz. 

Battey Mode,Video decoding.PNG

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