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Adept II

3500X Idle Voltage as low as 0.2V - Is it normal?


I have AMD Ryzen 3500X with ASRock B550M  board. A new BIOS 1.9 featuring  AMD AGESA ComboAM4v2 has been released and I decided to give it a go.

BIOS update was a normal process. After that, I set optimized defaults and then disabled CBS (As it was before the update, I am not so keen on boost).

System is operating normally but now I remember, that in BIOS v1.8 the Idle CPU frequency never dropped below 200Mhz and voltage never below 1.0V.

Now in v1.9 BIOS, CPU frequency comes as low as 42Mhz and Voltage as 0.27V. See the screenshot. As such my Windows 10 is working normally, Cinebench also completed the test normally at around 3.9Ghz 1.3V 66C load temps.

I hope voltage & frequency automatically lowering so low when idle is normal?

Since CBS is disabled even though it says Max 4100MHz, CPU is capped at 3600Mhz, and that's how I would prefer it to be.