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Journeyman III

3400g urgent graphics problem

Hello community. I recently put together this build:

Ryzen 3400g
b550m s2h
16gb apacer panther
crucial p2 500gb
550w thermaltake psu

The mobo had a sticker that said 3400g not supported but i dint
check at first and though b550 was my best bet. Bios F10
dint specify for the 3400g but it did say something about
new gen apu so when i received the motherboard i used
q-flash plus method with no cpu installed and got the latest bios.
System setup and easy tasks work just fine it's just that when i
open a relatively easy game like genshin impact after even a few
seconds pc crashes, black scren, can only shut by psu(easy
considering my old old 6th-pentium and archaic gpu play just fine).
I narrowed dows such a severe rreaction to clocks and voltages.

So i tried the following.

freq Auto 3.7
GFX Clk Freq 1600Mhz & 1500 & 1400
GFX Core Voltage mainly 1.16875
4 first cpu setting including state control disabled
Mem profiles at 2.13 auto 2.8 1.35v(A/B) 2.6 1.35V(A/B)

Ryzen master
3.7 speed
Voltage 1.3
APU GFX set the same as bios at that time

Additional tried them on/off
vddio:1.35 vtt:0.675 soc:1.1

As you can imagine i've tried all of the above with different
configuration and even all auto ram 2.13 gpu clock 1000 cpu clock 3.4
all voltages auto, states disabled in bios and ryzen master deleted
which is the safe option dint work on genshin impact and valley bench
resulting black scrreen. I've searched the forum and not many solutions
given and the ones that i found i used but still black screen
Do you think the problem is indeed in my profiles? Has
anyone else had a picky chip and can share some settings? Should
I really look for gpu now because they advertise as game ready
and it sure spits out the numbers if it wasnt so unstable cause
i had problem with another cpu aswell. Do you suspect of another fault

Thanks for anyone spending his time helping beforehand.

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