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Journeyman III

3300X and my Asrock b450 pro4-f - High and unstable Voltage

Hi. I bought recently a new CPU - Ryzen 3300X and it is sitting in Asrock b450 pro4-f motherboard. I have an issue. I have fluctuations of temperatures and voltages. Usually my voltage is 1.42, sometimes jumping between 1.2 to 1.45 in IDLE. I think 1.45 its too high and it should be maybe 1.34 or something. Is it normal on this CPU? Higher voltage causes higher temperatures and i dont think its healthy for my computer.

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This is from AMD Tech Support AMD_ROBERTS at Reddit Thread: 

Yes, thanks, ive read that before. It wasn't normal, periodical "boost voltage". It was still voltage at 1.42125V with some fluctuations. But i think i have found an answer to that. I dont know if it resolves my problem completely but it seems that it is - I just did a BIOS upgrade to new version to my motherboard. I had a sticker on the box that this motherboard supports the 3000 series cpus but it seemed like something was wrong. CPU was recognized, everything worked but these fluctuations of voltages and temperature were weird. Upgrading bios to newer, 2.0 version, made the voltages lower and temperatures a little better. Before that it was still 1.42-1.43V, now its 1.34V with SMALL, NORMAL DROPS in idle. I hope it is an ultimate solution to that problem and everybody who has the same problem should try it. I will inform you if the problem will come back but it seems to be FINALLY resolved and behaving decent.

Normally I suggest to update the Motherboard's BIOS and CHIPSET whenever a User has issues with the CPU since both make the CPU more compatible with the motherboard.

But in your case, your fluctuations seemed normal to me which is why I didn't bother mentioning it. 

Anyways, good troubleshooting and you should mark your last reply as "Correct" so others will know what solved your problem.