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Adept I

32GB RAM but only 16GB Usable

I have one question that I would like to get help or feedback.

I have upgrade my ram to 32gb, mostly due to video editing from 16GB.

The problem is:
I have a Ryzen 7 2700 and MSI x470 Gaming Plus Motherboard, the QVL is somewhat limited. Even worst, my current Corsair ram sticks are on the QVL and they do give me some problems.

I am using 4*8GB RAM sticks(32GB), and it says only 16GB usable. I removed an stick and it displays 24GB of RAM all usable.

Also, with 32GB cannot perform any overclocking on the CPU, as the system does not boot.

I have already got 3600Mhz of RAM and now i am stuck with this issue.

All the sticks are detected on all the softwares (HWinfo, CPU-Z), but not with windows 10(x64).

Please help.


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