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Adept II

2990wx - Is AGESA worth updating mobo bios for?


I just noticed that my motherboard released new bios. The only info I see is "Update AGESA"

worth updating bios for?  What does it do?


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According to this thread it improved his 2950x, so you should expect it to improve your 2990WX as well.

Thanks for that link. 

I tried finding more information about the release on the AMD website or some release notes or something but I couldn't find any info anywhere. 


AMD doesn't detail changes they make to the AGESA code.

Adept II

I installed the bios update. I noticed something interesting though. I'm not completely sure it's because of the bios update but. If my ram is set to the default 2333 mhz value my comp renders at around 3.3ghz on all cores and uses more power.  If I switch the ram to the 3200mhz xmp profile the cores go down to 3ghz on all cores when rendering.  So it renders a little slower and uses less TDC power usage.  I wonder if this is a bandwidth issue with the faster ram oc.