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Adept I

2700x idle at 1.4v, EDC in Ryzen Master red... is this normal?

Firstly, apologies as this seems to be an issue that has a lot of threads already. I'm really not well versed in this and I'm struggling to make sense of the threads I've found via google.

Yesterday, I cleaned my PC of dust. I removed my CPU heatsink and GPU and dusted them, and also reapplied thermal paste on the CPU. After reinstalling everything I booted Ryzen Master to check my temps and I've got -10 °C (it was idling around 45 °C before, now it's around 35 °C).

However, I noticed something I hadn't seen before. The EDC counter is now flashing yellow and red at times. I had only ever used this program to monitor temps, but I hadn't noticed this before reinstalling my CPU.

After googling this for a while, I also realized my CPU is idling at 1.4v, and doing a little research I've seen others who have various programs showing the idle voltage to be around .8-9.

I've checked in Ryzen Master, HWinfo, HWmonitor, CPU-Z, etc... all report the same.

Some info:
- My MOBO is an x470 Gaming Pro
- It has the latest chipset installed
- It has the stock bios (1.4 from 2018) - I was told not to flash bios unless you have an issue
- I currently have XAMP 1 running. I have tested with XAMP 1, 2, and it off. Same results
- There are no other OCs (unless there is something running by default)
- All bios settings are default
- Windows in running RYzen Balanced power mode, Min Processor State is at 5%.
- I have tried Windows balanced mode with the above, same results
- My temps are fine, 35 °C idle and 60-70 under heavy gaming load.
- I have tried resetting CMOS

Again, sorry if this is a repeat, but I'm pretty lost... my questions are:

1. Is this idle voltage something I need to fix?
2. Is EDC being in the yellow/red an issue?

3. All I did was re-apply thermal paste, could I have done something to cause an issue here?

Thank you for any help!


Here is an image of what RM looks like when the EDC reaches red:

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Adept I

A small upfdate:

When I switch between various power plans in windows, I get these results:

Power Saver
.83 v
2200 MHz
34 °C
EDC (CPU) is at 30%

Windows Balanced or Ryzen Balanced
4100 MHz
40-45 °C
EDC (CPU) jumps between 60-99%

High Performance
4050 MHz
40-45 °C
EDC (CPU) locked at 100%


Are the balanced plans supposed to be this high? From my google searches it seems many people are getting the results i have in Power Saver for their balanced plans. 

Does this look wrong to anyone, or is it supposed to be this way?


It all looks fine to me, and Ryzen Balanced or Balanced is the plan you are supposed to be using. EDC is the peak current limit, and can be adjusted in BIOS. PPT and TDC can as well, it's part of what AMD's algorithms take into account when Turbo is kicked in.

The only dial of those which really matters (screenshot taken under AIDA64 FPU stress test for max values for an example) is the temperature dial, as long as it's under 90 (preferably 85), don't worry. Voltage also matters, but as long as it's not 1.5v or more for extended periods of time it's fine.

You do need to update your BIOS though, newer AGESA codes in the BIOSs will improve performance, compatibility, and stability.

OK, thanks a lot, this helps put my mind at ease. I can always just switch to Power Saver while casually browsing, and under load the v is around 1.35.

When it come to updating BIOS, should I go for the newest? I was advised to go for the one before they introduced the 3000 series CPUs, as they could introduce issues for 2000 series.

So, looking at this: Support For X470 GAMING PRO | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global 

Should I go for the one before the 3000 updated on 2019-01-31, or just go straight for he latest?


Go with the latest. Since the Ryzen 3000 series has been released there's been numerous AGESA updates.

Successfully flashed to the latest BIOS. I've noticed that now Precision Boost overdrive is selected by default in Ryzen Master (it was Auto before).

The EDC value is now 60-70% of 180 A, Limit of 180 A
Before it was 70-100% of 140 A, limit of 160 A.

I'm assuming this  is all good and part of the updates you mention?


That' s one of the configurable values in BIOS, so that's MSI changing it based on feedback and testing of the board with newer processors and to set an optimal value, so yes.