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2700X Freezing

Hello AMDers!

I've read a few other threads on this topic but didn't get much farther in solving my issue. I don't use an AMD based system but am troubleshooting one for a friend of mine as he bought the system on my recommendation.

CPU: 2700X (no overclock)

Cooler: Noctua L9i

Mobo: Asus X370-I (bios supports 2700x)

GPU: MSI RTX2070super

Ram: 16GB Adata XPG DDR4

PSU: Corsair SF600

Happy to provide other specs if requested.

Tried what seems like everything to get the computer to run properly but still runs into random freezing along the way in everything from video editing to gaming to even browsing the internet - not exclusively in high usage scenarios. It has been happening now for the last year or so and it seems nothing wants to work to fix the solution. Happens probably 10 times a day and it is incredibly annoying.

I have a similar system but on an Intel platform with the same PSU and have no issues. I don't believe the 105w tdp of the 2700x is making the issue as my 9600k is 95w. Doubt 10w makes the difference.

System has even been moved to an open test bench to eliminate heat as an issue but still doesn't seem to be doing it.

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I have the same processor it must be the driver. Do this or not. Its up to you. 

But its working for me. So. I am recommending it.


Thanks for the link. Isnt Crimson for AMD GPUs/APUs and not their CPUs?


Unfortunately not. I keep telling them to separate them so we wouldn't have these issues but the same driver for the 5700 is the same one for the HD 7600 from 10 years ago. The code doesn't change. Its just some features wont work on some cards. An if your card does not have the ability to run the feature it just wont show up. it wont damage or slow down any cards.

So they are perfectly safe. The only problem is you miss out on some features. An You have to ask your self can you live without it over the constant black screen crashes?