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Adept I

2700x Don't go above 4.0Ghz on Turbo Boost?

Hello, recently i've purchased this processor and want to know if is possible to get above 4.0 on turbo boost, because when im playing its stucks at 4.0Ghz.

I see their turbo is until 4.35ghz i dont know why are not getting more.

Other thing, im getting some problems with frame drops, it is possible my memory? I have 2x8gb DDR4 2133 Hyperx.

My motherboard is B350-Plus and Videocard Asus 1060 6GB.


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Hello thrall,

The boost you are referring too (4.35 GHz) is what the cores will boost to using precision boost overdrive (PBO).  This will only happen on two of the cores when the CPU is experiencing a lightly threaded workload.  If all the CPU cores are in use, the boost won't be nearly as high, and 4.0 GHz is probably in line with what you can expect.

So the processor will only hit 4.35GHz if only a couple cores are in use, this way you get better single threaded performance, and multithreaded performance.  Make sure precision boost overdrive is enabled in your BIOS and you should be good to go.  Your mileage will vary based on the cooling solution you have available for the processor.

You think i will get best performance on games if i activate the precision boost overdrive?

Because i play some games which need alot of processor...

Thanks friend


It will actually help gaming more than most other workloads.  Games, even in 2018, tend to be lightly threaded compared to professional software.  The fact that PBO will boost your single threaded performance really helps there.  It will also boost on all-core workloads, getting you close to where you could get with a manual overclock.  It will really let you get the most out of your hardware based on the cooling solution and motherboard you have.

You shouldn't expect 4.35 Ghz on all cores though.  Even with PBO, that would be a crazy amount of voltage.  My 2700X with a EKWB water cooler boosts to 4.30 GHz on two cores and around 4.075 GHz.

Understand, i have activated the precision boost and got 50-100mhz more, but i dont know if this helped on gaming, because its looks still same with drops on fps

I will wait my 3000mhz memory arrive here for me test if will get some good improvement.


As far as frame drops are concerned, what GPU are you using?


Asus Dual GTX 1060 6GB


Now when i go on NBIO Common Options not appear more the Precision Boost, only appear one option "Mode0" to enable, disable or auto.

Why the precision dissappeared?

Journeyman III

Im running 2700x water cooled and stressed the hell out of it and wont go above 3.9Ghz,  Unless u manual OC this CPU it wont boost past 4Ghz,  Jayz2Cent got it to about 4.2 stable if i can remember but 8core 16 threads with good ram and gpu this CPU rocks,  content creator/Gamers Dream system,  so be proud !