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Adept I

2700X/B450 Cold Boot Issue I can't Get Rid Of


Ryzen 2700X

MSI B450 Gaming pro Carbon AC

32GB G SKill Trident Z DDR3000

750 Watt SeaSonic PSU 

MSI 2080Ti Gaming X Trio

So when I first built this system I had cold boot issues. I thought maybe it was that I had the RAM set at 3000 in my XMP profile and I was reading that for some reason, people were having issues with booting with higher RAM frequency with Ryzen CPU's. Well, even after going down to 2133...still cold boot issues. So I don't think the speed is necessarily the issue (or at least, it's not the ONLY issue). I also read that sometimes if you increase the boot voltage for the RAM, that can fix the problem. Well, MSI motherboards don't allow/ have a setting for that...

Nothing I do stops the thing from rebooting 2-3 times every single time I start my computer before it will finally boot. I'm pretty certain there's nothing wrong with any of the physical hardware, because it runs games for hours, benchmarks fine, etc. Zero issues with the computer outside of the cold boot problems.

It seriously has me on the verge of wanting to get rid of the whole CPU/MOBO combo and starting over...

Please help, I'm at my wits end!

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Try doing a Clear CMOS on your motherboard to put the BIOS/UEFI back into "Default" and see if the cold reboots occurs.

If it still does, remove all the RAM MEMORY Modules except one and see if it boots normally. If it does, add another RAM MEMORY Module unto the issue starts again.

According to your MSI QVL List for RAM MEMORY for the Ryzen 2xxxx Processor there are only two G-Skill RAM listed at 3000 Mhz: Support For B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI G... 

Even if it isn't listed doesn't mean it is not compatible since you basically have 50/50 chance of it being compatible.

You might want to update your Motherboard BIOS/UEFI and see if that helps with the cold reboots: Support For B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI G... 

Any errors when it cold reboots either on the screen or on your motherboard -Trouble LEDs, code, or beeps?

Note: I suggest you open a MSI Support ticket and see what they recommend.


Thanks for all that, I'll try updating the BIOS first and see what happens!


So I went home for lunch and ended up calling MSI. Tech I spoke to recommended staying on the BIOS version I was already on with my 2700X? Said to try clearing the CMOS which I'll do after work today. (Although I dont have much hope that will work because wasn't all the settings already factory default anyway when I first built it?)

He said basically if I can't get it working my only choice was to basically buy RAM on their list for the board. Which sucks but I guess my fault for not checking that in the first place.

Adept I

Clearing CMOS worked. It will boot reliably every time now...but only if I keep it at the default frequency of 2133. Absolutely anything more and it will restart 2-3 times before finally booting. Guess my choices are to either live with slow frequency (when I paid more for 3000) or sell this RAM and buy some on MSI's list...and the only RAM over 3000 I can find on MSI's list is insanely expensive.

Adept I

So I got the new RAM. Even thought it's on their approved list - apparently it is only approved to work with 2 sticks - not 4. Again, another oversight by me not reading their chart properly... I saw dual channel was good to go and assumed that meant 4 sticks too. But nope.

So yet again, I'm here with RAM that refuses to boot at speeds over 2133 with 4 sticks. Even with two sticks, it still refuses to boot at speeds higher than 3000 (it's 3200 RAM). Tried giving it a little more voltage - still nothing over 3000.

I was doing more digging around and apparently loads and loads of people can't get Ryzen 1XXX and 2XXX to work at anything over 2400 using 4 sticks of RAM. Something about the combo of those processors and B450 motherboards just absolutely do NOT like 4 sticks of RAM. Apparently 3XXX does fine with 4 sticks.

I'm just going to run with two sticks and return the other kit of two sticks. I'm sick of going round and round with this memory ordeal. Lesson learned for the next build I guess...

Wish i would have known 4 sticks is simply problematic with this combo. My G Skill RAM I had before would have probably been just fine running two sticks. Could have saved myself some time and money just keeping it in here.