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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

2700 high idle temps and Failed post


               I Built a new PC approximately 2 months ago, this past Wednesday (Feb.19/2020) i was playing a video game(PUBG). I was finished the game and went to bed, when i came back the next day to do some more gaming i hit the power button thinking it would turn on. I thought it was in sleep mode but it didn't want to start. So i turned the switch off on the power supply and left it for a bit. I come back and turn it back on and it loads up to a frozen windows repair screen. 

So i assumed it was an error on the windows side of things, I go to bios and set my USB as first boot drive to repair windows with no luck. it keeps freezing at a windows screen with the loading circle at the bottom. Finally i open up the system and see that there is a decoder light on show that the CPU has an issue. 

To be clear my system was running amazing with no hiccups ever since i built it about 2 months ago. But then I proceeded to take the system apart thinking I will be dealing with some warranty. I thought why not try re-seating the CPU and everything else. So I pretty much rebuilt the PC and to my surprise it booted back up normally. My idle temps before rebuild were around 29-32 Celsius. last night (Feb.22/20) my idle temps were 26-29 Celsius which i guess my thermal paste job was better than the factory one maybe... haha. This is all with a 21 Celsius ambient room temperature.

Now this morning Feb.23/20 my cpu idle temp is at 37-38 celcius... So Two questions here, The first what would cause my cpu not to post after 2 months? And then a re-seat fixes it.  Second question is why would i see such a change in idle temperatures? I have changed the fan speed to 100% with no luck of dropping it. Forgot to mention this is on the stock cooler. 


-Ryzen 7 2700

-MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

-Vengeance LPX 8GB DD4 2400MHZ CL14 2X4 (4 total sticks for 16gb)

-ASUS Dual GTX 1060 6gb

-ThermalTake Versa H22

-Evga 600B 600w PSU

-Samsung 850 evo 240gb

-Samsung 860 evo 240gb

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