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2600X : unstable / excessive single core boost frequency (running it at stock)

extreme core clock.png

This is the highest i've seen it go so far (4300 - 4640 is a common max MHz recorded).

This was captured during playing an Indie game (beta) with only Steam, Discord and HWMonitor open.

I have no overclock or game boost active. Only thing changed in the Bios is XMP 2 enabled for my RAM.

MSI B450M Mortar Max

Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 - 4.2GHz (stock cooler)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz 16GB (2x8GB)

Powercolor RX590 8GB Red Dragon

Adata SX8200 M.2 SSD

Toshiba DT01ACA HDD

Gigabyte WB1733-I WiFi + Bluetooth 

AeroCool 750w PSU

Noctua NF-P12 Redux 1700 PWM 

Noctua NF-P12 Redux 1300 PWM (x2)

Windows 10 OS

I'm on Balanced power mode in windows but i have found that if i lower its maximum processor state to around 95% it semi controls the issue.


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