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Adept I

2600x on msi gaming x470 pro CPU LED DEBUG Crash

I have been having a issue with my pc were i will be under heavy load  such as gaming specifically call of duty modern warfare it will crash i will get a black screen and lose all peripherals but while the pc is on still before i turn it off i get the CPU LED de bug light on my pc will be on and i am not sure why or what is happening it  cant be temps here are my specs

2600x OC to 4.05 with the game boost mode on my mobo with cpu block

corsair ram 16gb (2-8gb) 3000 mhz

 Msi gaming pro x 470 motherboard

corsair cx 650 bronze PSU

mushkin 500 m.2 ssd

sandisk 250 ssd

5700xt REF with gpu block

I have a custom loop with all ekwb parts blocks, pump, coolant, and tubes all are ek and my temps while gaming with that over clock never get above 70c usually 60c to 65c i do not think it is hardware related  i personally believe it is software related but when i turn my PC back on there is no crash report of the incident or anything just says a unexpected shut down occurred if anyone has a similar issue or has a way of tracking crashes in a more detailed way all help would be appreciated like i said this has been on going for about 3 months or longer now...

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Adept I

I have the same exact issue. Have you found any fixes or something?

For me it just started recently when I first got MW and now it has started happening in R6 too.

I haven't found the issue root cause yet no but i have it down to it being few things.

1. It could be that the overclock on the pc that i am running requires the extra 4 pin power header for extra juice during really heavy load...

2.I could have a power supply that is going out on me i read that the pc will freeze or crash ofter but have fans and light still..

3.Their could just be be a chipset driver or gpu driver causes a major internal issue and crashing..

Could you please let me know your pc specs and if you do any over clocking also is it just COD or is any other game do this as well?

My specs are:

  • MSI GeForce RTX 2060 GAMING Z
  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Prosessor
  • HyperX Predator DDR4 3000MHz 16GB
  • MSI B450 TOMAHAWK, Socket-AM4 
  • Corsair VS550 550W PSU 
  • Some random M.2 SSD

I has happened in COD and R6. I have played alot of CSGO, DBD and RDR2 but it hasn't happened in those games after hours of gameplay. In COD and R6 it is so if that I jump straigth into gaming it crashes after like 10 min, but I have found that when I let the game run alittle in the background for like 5 minutes then I can play for a couple hours before it crashes again.

At first I thougth this was a temp thing or that it was to much pressure on a component, so I checked task manager while running and playing the game but there was nothing. The CPU was running at 40% and GPU at 20%, the temps were stable at 40-60 degrees. In R6 it's the same, I've played alot of R6 before but this has never happened before.


On the OC part I have just activated gaming mode in the bios and afew tweaks in MSI Afterburner. I've had the same OC settings for about a year now so I don't think it's that. I've tried turning off the OC but it doesn't make a difference.

I think it's a driver thing probably.

I hope I could give you some usefull information, havn't writen anything like this before so I don't really know how to put myself.

To rule out Overclocking the processor, do a CMOS CLEAR which will reset the Motherboard's BIOS back to factory default.

See if you continue getting BSODs. If it stopped that means it was the Overclocking that was causing the issue.

Some Motherboard's have extra CPU Power connections. Normally either a 6 pin or 8 pin AUX CPU PWR that must be connected for the Motherboard to boot up. But if you are Overclocking some motherboards like your requires that you connect an second extra AUX CPU PWR  4 pin power connector to give the CPU the power it needs after being Overclocked.

Download OCCT and Stress test your Processor and PSU and see if it crashes or BSOD after connecting the 4 pin AUX CPU PWR connector and resetting your BIOS to factory default.

I assume you have the latest BIOS installed

Also I presume your PSU is up to the task

Adept I

So after i did a full scale uninstall and re install of everything from the drivers to the led controller soft ware and everything in between i have play 6 and a half hour wit no crash it has to be software just do a ddu on your drivers and uninstall all your non essential programs and re download them make sure everything is nice and up to date and if possible do a scan and repair on your games as well i did all of this and i also unpluged all of my cords in my pc and plugged them all back in and made sure they all had nice connection and i haven't had the same issue so far but will see if it does it again..

good to hear that you rig is back in action


I'll try it rn.