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Journeyman III

2600x idling between 45-50 Celsius, with voltage at 1.42. Is this normal, or is something wrong?

I just built a new computer including the 2600x. I'm experiencing temps up to 60 Celsius just on idle with voltage sometimes jumping to 1.47. I'm wondering if this is normal or if I should look into fixing some settings or something. I changed my cpu and case fans to run faster in the bios, but other than that everything is stock. Any help is very much appreciated.

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Disable AMD Turbo Technology in Bios/UEFI settings .

and i prefer maybe set the fans to auto Level 5 45/50 °C is enough

Note : if you set your energy profile in Windows to perfomance. Windows Always keep the CPU running at highest clock even in IDLE.


1,47 VCore holy.... ? thats too much, much more than my fx 8350.

Big Boss

yinliner, assuming your are reading the correct temperature, you are fine!  How are you measuring?

Your processor specifications:


You should have the AMD Chip Set drivers installed, DLed from the AMD Support website.  Along with the drivers come the AMD Ryzen™ Balance power plan and that is what you should be running.  You do not need to mess with any BIOS/UEFI settings as long as temperatures are below 85-90C.  Enjoy, John.