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Journeyman III

2200g and dual monitor flicker issue

I am having an issue with my 2200G that just popped up when I installed some new ram. THe DisplayPort monito flickers (see Y/T clip IMG 3486 - YouTube  ) and you will see the flicker on the right monitor through boot up and the WIN 10 screen. 

These did not give me an issue before the RAM install, but its still there is I re-install the old RAM

I have taken this to my local computer shop and they could not replicate with my PC (their monitors) and my DisplayPort cable. The dual display worked fine but again different monitors.

I can swap which monitor has the flicker by swapping the cables/inputs on each the monitor. Either monitor is fine in HDMI. I have tried a different cable (though both were the ones that "came" with the monitor)

The monitors are BenQ GW2765 one through HDMI and one through DisplayPort. I think I may need to re-install the Vega 8 adapter but have never done that before and do not feel comfortable without some guidance this may sort it out and how to go about doing that,

Any thoughts? help?tips? I f you need more info please ask as this is just getting plain frustrating.

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