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Journeyman III

1950X temp between 59c and 70c on idle

My CPU temp run between 59c and 70c on idle. Just win 10 running and no OC. stock at 3.4G

At first I thought it was the cooler, Enermax 280, so I RMA back to Enermax. Meanwhile, I bought a Noctua NH-U14S with same results !! In or out the case.

I am starting to think that the problem may be the CPU. I changed the MB twice (Asrock X399 Taichi) cause of problems with it ( memory channel defect and hold clip defect the second)

So this is my 3rd MB and the 2nd cooler with the same results.

I used MX4 paste and now Noctua paste, tried different methods with tests to be sure to put the perfect amount of it.

I just don't know what to do next. I monitored the temps with the Asrock tuning program, Speccy and Aida 64 with all the same results.

My build goes like this, Corsair Air 740, Asrock X399 Taichi, 1950X, 32G Flare X 2933 Mhz, ASUS R9 380, 3X M2 500G, 2X SSD 500G, Cougar CMX 1000W, 4X 140mm fans +1X 120mm

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Big Boss

alian, here's my specifications:

ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Pro Gaming, Threadripper 1950X, 2xSamsung SSD 960 EVO RAID, 1TB &

500 GB WD Black, G.SKILL [Flare X (for AMD)] F4-3200C14Q-32GFX, Windows 10 x64 Pro,

Enermx Platimax 850, Enermx Liqtech 240 TR4 CPU Cooler, Radeon RX580, BIOS 2.0

My temperatures idle at 59C minimum and your Enermax cooler should be better than mine.  I suspect you are OK.  My temperature goes to 85C under Prime95 stress test.  As I understand it, the specified maximum temperature for the 1950X is 68C but 27C must be added to that (95C).  I use AIDA64 to monitor my system and it is showing 69C CPU and 42C CPU Diode (notice 27C difference) right now.  I think it is the 42C that should be compared to the 68C maximum.  Please download a trial copy of AIDA64 (free) and install it and see what your CPU and CPU Diode temperatures are.  I know nothing about the Noctura but suspect the Enermax series is the best for our processor.  I also suggest you get the latest Prime95 and run the stress test and tell us what temperatures you see.  My system runs just fine with CPU at 88C during Prime95.  AMD has done a horrible job of specifying temperatures for the Ryzen.  I have a Support Ticket open asking for clarification of Ryzen temperatures.  A quick look here will reveal many asking about them.  Enjoy, John.

Hi john,

Thanks for sharing.

Did you get any answers from AMD ?

I have received my second Enermax 280 and still , same results !! Can't go under 57c. All 3 coolers gave the same results.

I downloaded the Ryzen Master program, this one gives me the temp from CPU diode as temp reading instead of all the other monitors I tried.

I am gonna try a series of test with Prime 95 and look at the results with AIDA64 and the Ryzen Master.

Tanx, Alian

alian, I have only heard that my ticket has been elevated.  I have learned that the Ryzen Master temperature is showing the reference temperature for all Ryzen processors.  57C for the CPU temperature on AIDA64 or others probably has the 27C offset for out CPU (1950X).  So it is really 30C CPU Diode temperature which is compared to the limit of 68C.  Right now AIDA64 is showing 59C for CPU and 32C for CPU Diode.  I have labeled CPU Diode as Tdie in AIDA64 OSD.  Always consider Ryzen Master temperature as THE reference temperature to be compared to the published limit which is 68C for our processor.  Here are the specifications for the AMD Processor website:


Enjoy, John.

Adept I

Hi Alan ,

i wonder if your case has been solved ?

i have the exact same problem

1950X seated in a X399 Aorus Extreme mainboard cooled by Enermax Liqtech 360 TR4 OC II

idling temp is 68 C° , no overclocking done , ever !!!
running at all default settings this problem was there from the startand discovered it since cooling was going to top speeds constantly ...
after checking and testing with terrible results in Cinebench, tried some bios settings ... but nothing yet ...

which means my 4.800 € wanna-be beast is worth nothing at the moment

Adept I

I have almost the exact same specs and the same problem. Have you found a solution yet? If so, please tell me how to fix it.


Enermax told me it was highly likely the pump , so i send back the liqtech cooler to my dealer and bought the Noctua air cooler ... it is superquiet and my idle temps are around 30C°

I was not at all planning to go air but here i am ... i love the fact that performance at standard OC3 setting in bios gets me top results at decent temps of 60C°

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


What I have got out of my research was to download "AMD Ryzen Master" and

you will see your temps are fine. Evidently other apps are giving a false

or inaccurate reading that is exactly 27 degrees Celsius higher. This APP

actually gives you a more stable reading also. Let me know if you try it.



All apps ... and i tried many including ryzen master , gave approximately the same voltages and temps and multipliers

Cpu Throttling was definitely the case since reaching those temps and performance drops was too obvious ...

Enermax liqtech ( yes even second batch of revised edition ) are faulty products ...

I'm glad i found the NH-U14S by noctua

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After installing the air cooler Noctua NH-U14S i am using all the same temp reading apps and they give the idle temps of 27 to 32C°

More importantly all benchmark runs have a performance that is scoring 6 fold the scores of before

Yes SIX fold ... i was running cinebench and scoring as low as 500cb with the broken enermax liqtech cooling and now scoring +3000cb with the noctua

Same with other benchmark runs and stress tests

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Journeyman III

Hi There. Noob usr here. Had the same trouble with my TR4 1950x on a zenith extreme. Temperature reads between 50C to 60C. Started with an AIO cooler... bought the Noctua tr4 sp3.... No change. I just assumed that was normal.... A day later feeling satisfied I decided to update my BIOS. With no further changes from my end, the cpu temp goes between 25 to 40. I already placed an order for a second fan... Maybe it could go even better.

Journeyman III

Hey! Regarding with the Ryzen 1950X temp, I would like to say, that when I configured my PC, the guy from the computer shop pointed out, that this processor needs a very good liquid cooling system, so we've decided to go with the Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360. It seemed like an overkill, BUT NO! When I am exporting 4K footage + WOT game play in ultra settings, CPU OC at 3.7Ghz, and the temperature barely reaches 80C.

My config: 

Mainboard: Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7

CPU: 1950X Ryzen with Enermax TR4 II 360 liquid cooling

Memory: 4x8GB Corsair Venegance rgb 3000mhz

Graphics: gigabyte Aorus waterforce xtreme edition Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 

Samsung 960 Evo 1TB M2

Corsair AX860


After i traded my Enermax ( with broken pump straight out of the box ) with the air cooler : Noctua NH-U14S 
all problems were solved.

Now i export 8K footage with 2 different software at the same time , with both the processor and the 64 GB Ram at 98% in full action and my temps stay below 55C° , always !!! ( and idling sits at 27C° )

I never had any thermal throttling at 70C° after this switch, ever again.
Bye Bye Watercooling. Period.