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Journeyman III

1950x questions

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a 1950x along with a MSI x399 pro carbon ac. I build it up and it works fine. After testing and making sure it was stable, I tried a light OC. Now it is 3.7Ghz at 1.25v and it is completely stable.

Once said this, I would like to ask you about three things: Percentage of CPU usage, voltages and temperatures.

Percentage of CPU usage: It doesn't matter if it is OC or not, but I never see the percentage below 15%, even at idle. In fact, according to the Windows Task manager, there are always 4 cores at 100% usage at all times. The rest of the cores are 1-3% (I insist, at idle). These 4 cores are always at 100%, no matter what I am doing or at idle. Thus windows calculate the average use among all cores and says "15%" (at idle). Is this normal?

Voltages: Before OC, with everything at stock, I could see the CPU voltages fluctuating from... let's say 1.20 to 1.37. Moving very fast, and most of the time closer to 1.37 than 1.20. I once read that AMD recommended (when doing OC) no more than 1.35v to be safe. Is this high fluctuation normal? Now I have the CPU with this light OC I mentioned before, and the voltage is set at 1.25v  manually which I supposed it was safe, wasn't it?

Temperatures: I thing this issue is due to my case and fans config, but I would like to know whether it is normal. My case is a Fractal Design Define R5 and the CPU fan is a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3. I also have 2 fans pushing air into the case (2x Noctua NF-P14S Redux 1200) and 2 fans pulling it out (the ones that came with the case). The noise level is awesome, it is really low. And this is the reason why CPU temperature is always about 47º-50º at idle. When I play games (Battlefield 1) temperature keeps around 65º. I don't play much, I didn't buy the computer for that. I am normally editing photos, and the temps are around 55º.

OK, these temperatures are high because I set the fans at very low revs. However when I set all fans at maximum revs, I hardly reach 38º. Never less. However in this situation, the noise level is... terrible. My question is: is it safe for the CPU to be always around 50º?

Thanks for your help!


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