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Journeyman III

1950X pinned at high clock speed - why won't it downclock?


I've got an AMD 1950X paired with an MSI X399 SLI Plus motherboard. I swapped cases this weekend, and since the swap I've discovered that the CPU won't downclock from it's 3.7 GHz clock speed. (MSI Afterburner shows a constant 3.7 GHz, Task Manager shows a speed of 3.0+ GHz most of the time, CPU-Z shows at least a few cores always at 3.7 GHz, some as low at 2.0GHz. Concerningly this is at idle with no CPU - heavy applications in the background. I've cleared the CMOS and gotten the default settings back for the motherboard, and I've uninstalled the AMD master App. Any thoughts?

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