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Journeyman III

1950x freezes computer in Creator mode

I bought me som more ram. i now have 64Gb of ram. have 1 set of 2x16 2666 1.2 v and another set of 2x16 3200 1.3v its the same brand just different speeds.

Now, no problems running the computer until i do some heavy work in Premiere Pro. 

After some tweaking i found out that if i have Ryzen master in "creator mode" my computer freezes when there is heavy work. But when im in "game mode" there  is no problems what so ever.

Is it the Ram that is the problem?  is it possible to sovle it in bios by matching the sticks with overclocking settings?  or do i need to buy another set of the 2x16 3200?


MB: asus x399

Threadripper 1950x

Memory : Hyper x Fury 2x16 2666 /Hyper x fury  2x16 3200

Gtx 1080 ti

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