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Journeyman III

1700x idle speed doesn't drop past 40 before it spikes to 50 for some reason

I have a 1700x with a cooling graphite thermal pad and a be quiet! pure rock slim 35.14 CFM cpu cooler.

I placed the thermal pad onto the 1700x and attached the cooler with its thermal paste still on the sync.

I'm unaware if its suggested to wipe off the thermal paste that was on the cooler but I didn't. 

I watched Linus's video about the thermal pad and it performed pretty well compared to mine.He was running a i9 7980xe and got 24 c ambient an 59 c max load. Compared to my 1700x I idle constantly between the 40-50 range and whenever its about to drop below 40 c, the cpu spikes up to 50. Also, when under full load it could hit up to 80+ c. I know these temps aren't to crazy but I'm just confused as to why my idle temp is at 40-50 and never drops below 40. Could it be that my cooler just sucks? Paste shouldn't be used with the thermal pad?

P.S My PC also has good airflow so that shouldn't be a problem 

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Journeyman III


CPU: AMD R7 1700x 3.4 GHz

GPU: GTX 950

MOBO: MSI B450M BAZOOKA V2 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard

PSU: EVGA 500 W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply
CPU COOLER: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 35.14 CFM CPU Cooler

RAM: 16 GB


Yes, your not supposed to use thermal paste when using graphite thermal pad as that defeats the very purpose why thermal graphites where made for, which is a long lasting thermal pad solution that can be reused multiple times whithout the mess that you usually go through when removing thermal paste from your CPU.

Also graphite thermal pads are known to perform worse than cheaper thermal pastes like say the Arctic MX-4 or CM MasterGel Pro. Graphite thermal pads are best used when your testing out CPUs on multiple boards and want to save up on the cost that reaplying thermal compound like say a kryonaut usually has, and also in situations where you just want to set it and forget it without minding the increase in thermals, like say on OEM systems.

There are good Graphite thermal pads out there like the Thermal Grizzly - Carbonaut that performs just as good if not better than most thermal compounds available now, i just havent seen any of those being sold yet.

Journeyman III

No, you can't use thermal paste with thermal pad. It just doesn't work that way. Just use thermal paste instead, or just use the thermal pad.