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Journeyman III

1700x 70c in Bios

So I'm hoping someone can help. Just finished building my first PC (ryzen 1700x, crosshair vi hero board with an x62 kraken cooler etc). Turned it on for the first time and when it eventually got to the Bios screen the temp in the top right was showing at 67c right off the bat and it kept going up, eventually after just watching it for like a minute it was at 95c and I turned it off not wanting to damage the chip.

I checked the pump was screwed in correctly, checked the connections, checked to make sure there was enough TIM (and added a sliver more to be safe but didn't over do it) but still the temps were sky rocketing straight away. I heard liquid flowing for a few seconds initially on start up but nothing much after and radiator fans are working. I've tried reseting the bios via the button on the rear I/O to no avail as I read it could help.

I've moved the Kraken MOBO connection to the AIO header (instead of the cpu_fan) so the pump runs at full (based on what I read) and the radiator fans to the cpu_fan and cpu_opt headers. Fans ramped right up speed wise but temps kept rising. Also tried giving the pump its own dedicated sata power connection (rather than having it on the same cable as my HDD and SSD) but still, no joy in getting the temps to come down.

Next I updated the bios to the latest version (3502) and almost bricked the motherboard as 2 seconds after it had finished updating it turned off and wouldn't power on again for 10mins which I assume was the temperature failsafe kicking in to avoid heat damage to the chip. Once it had cooled down I switched it on again and still the temps kept rising so I believe I have ruled out the possibility that it was the motherboard giving false temps.

I tried changing the q fan settings and still no joy, same with the sensemi but again, no bueno. Once again I removed the cooler, cleaned both the pump and CPU (using the ArtiClean TIM remover and surface purifier), reapplied the TIM (artic silver 5) and ensured it was screwed down correctly and securely.

At this point I feel I'm looking at either a faulty pump (saw some vids of the same cooler running and barring 2-3 seconds of hearing fluid moving on start up I can't hear much of anything from the pump) or perhaps a faulty temp sensor on the chip given the temp is starting so high and rising straight away. This problem also means I can't install windows and get the CAM software as it'll probably shut down again once the temp hits the failsafe threshold before I can finish the install so not point in even trying given 2mins is about the limit before it shuts down.

Also I would like to make clear that I indeed have removed the plastic cover from the pump (I'm not an idiot).

If you have suggestions about what the issue could be, ways to fix it or a definitive way to find out if its the cooler or the chip (or anything else for that matter) which is at fault then feel free to comment as I'm at a loss and it's my first build so not much by way of experience (though I know a decent amount). Thanks in advance.

Full Specs:

AMD Ryzen 1700x

ROG Crosshair VI Hero

NZXT Kraken X62

16gb G.SKILL Trident Z RGB @3200mhz

MSI Lightning X 1080ti GPU

Seasonic Focus Gold 850w

TP-Link AC 1300 PCI Express

NZXT S340 Elite case.

2 Replies

Disconnect all the fans and listen to the pump, see if it sounds like it's moving air as well as liquid.

Adept II

you could also test with a normal cooler, see if it still get hot.   Your liquid cooler doesn't work properly...