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Journeyman III

1600x Not downclocking/Downvolting

Hello, i have a Ryzen 5 1600x that doesn't downclock or downvolt when idle. I don't have the latest bios as i find contradicting information on if it helped or made things worse, and am waiting to get confirmation that it actually works properly. I have the bios right before the last one. I'm on ryzen balanced power plan. I'm a bit worried about it because the original voltage on this motherboard was 1.4, and i have reduced it to 1.356(still high? i think.) by putting in a -0.0125Voffset while maintaning a 4Ghz core, but hwmonitor reports constant 1.375 pushed to the CPU, and I find this troubling. Modifying the power plan to have a lower MinProcState (70%) changes nothing. I reckon this has something to do with cstates or pstates however I don't know how to modify those, or what the correct values would be.I  can provide any and all information/screenshots you need I just didn't know what you might need, I have however attached a screenshot of HWmonitor, as it seems a good place to start.

Motherboard: Asus Prime B350 Plus.

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x

Memory: 16GB DDR4@2933mhz

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

Driver: 390.55

OS: Windows 10 x64 (16299.248)

Expected Behavior:

CPU downclocks/volts itself according to the load

Actual Behavior:

Constant clock and voltage

Please someone take the time to answer because I only find contradicting information, some say it's normal because I have overclocked, others say that on their board the stepping works. Thanks in advance, looking forward to some answers!

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You are overclocking, power savings features are disabled, it's normal. If you want to have both, you must P-state overclock.


Thank you for your answer. I see, this is in line with 50% of the answers I find online, however, others say it works for them even with multiplier overclock, and that it downclocks to 2.2Ghz but doesn't downvolt. Granted this is not on my motherboard but still. How does one that has no knowledge of what a Pstate is, make modifications to those? Is it software through windows or is it in the bios?


It's in BIOS, though you have to be more careful since it can lead to instability . Personally I'd stick with full speed all the time given how Ryzen is much more power efficient than their predecessors, and even my 4ghz overclocked 1800x in an idle state (web browsing, etc), according to HWiNFO, pings in at near 30 watts.


Again thanks for taking the time. Wattage is ok, but isn't the constant voltage on the cpu a potential issue? I heard that's how you kill memory controllers


This isn't 2005 and Socket 939, it's 2018, it's fine.


Interestingly, since I overclocked my 1600x (also Asus Prime B350 Plus) a little bit further last week, with my new oc at 3.925 Ghz, it downclocks now what it didn't do before at 3.8 Ghz(using the offset voltage in the bios). Voltage though doesn't downvolt as before. I don't know why it does this now but whatever, I take it .


Thanks for answering, could you please tell me what bios version you are using? did you install 3803.


Yes I am using 3803. The multiplier of the oc has to be at x.x25 (e.g. 3.825, 3.925), then for whatever reason the processor should downclock.


Have you noticed any strange behavior after installing the newest bios? Because asus made a mistake and uploaded the wrong version, and then rolled it back and uploaded the correct one so feedback online right now is kinda sketchy, i don't know if they actually have the correct version or downloaded the wrong one and then complained about it thinking it was 3803. I'll probably flash with 3803 and when I get home if you can confirm no BSODs etc Thanks for your time again!


With newest bios you mean the 3803? If yes, I have and had no problems with this bios version.