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Journeyman III

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Ryzen 1600af with gtx 1650 super, 8gb ram and stupid a350 motherboard 

So this is my first  forum ever, on this site. Bought new pc 3 months ago. Works fine, just what i would imagine from these parts.

Long story short, basicly i had ryzen amd master on my pc for a  while now. Never OC my proccesor, bcs there wasnt any need for me to do it. But today i was on a call with my friend, and i wondered how would game run if i overclocked the cpu. Got into ryzen master, went to Creator mode, set my 6 cores all to 3500, and voltage to 1.220 volts which i heard was enough for this cpu. Clicked on Apply and test... and while it was running I remembered that i have warranty on it, so i stopped the test (hopefully, on time bcs i have eye problem and couldnt see the stop testing button at first). I stopped it went to Current section and my cpu was running 3425 on all cores, also being very not stable, 1.318 voltage cpu.  

1st of all : i am pretty sure i have stopped the test. 

2. Even if i didnt, shouldnt settings be set to as i wanted 3500mhz , 1.220v?

Now, my question is how do i reset the overclock that I did. I have tried the reset button, didnt work it says that no parameters are changed and that it is default basicaly. I have also tried to set at "Creator mode"my default setting which are 3200mhz and 1.125v. Doesnt work, clicked apply, test and apply. Nothing..

I need help as fast as possible because i wanted to sell this cpu (with warranty) and get better one, maybe 3300x. I dont care bout the warranty any more, just lemme fix this. 


Thanks, best regards 

Petar KovacevicScreenshot (7).pngScreenshot (8).pngScreenshot (9).png

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Set it to Auto.  You haven't broken anything.