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The 7000X3D series of CPUs

The short answer to the new X3D series of CPUs that AMD is planning to release in a few weeks is this:

For production work the 7900X3D and the 7950X3D are a waste of sand, and for gaming they are a waste of money.

The only one that makes sense is the 7800X3D and if AMD castrate it the same way they did with the 5800X3D then it will also not be a good choice for anything other than gaming - and not only that, but I have written a guide (which has been posted on this forum) to show people how to get more gaming performance out of a 7700X than a performance limited 7800X3D

What do I know?

JayzTwoCents delidded his 7950X and did direct die cooling. The result was that his benchmark scores were still lower than my non delidded 7950X, AND his temps were higher (he had a five degree higher delta than I).

I don't know who at AMD thought that the 7900X3D or 7950X3D were a good idea, but they should be fired immediately, and those CPUs will be denigrated even by the Tech Media/YouTubers who for three and a half years have been either too stupid or too lazy to find out how to configure 3rd, then 4th and now 5th Generation Ryzen.

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