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how to download drivers for graphic cards

Hi I installed my new graphics card Qthree Radeon RX 580 how do I download the drivers if I don't have a picture , the old G.C. is no good my mother board does not have graphics and I don't have a used G.C. to use does any one have any suggestions for me please? Thank You

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The "new" graphics card should be able to run on "basic" settings before being able to run on a specific driver...

Every PC I've ever built has done so...  IF you have no picture, there's something else very wrong going on, IMO.

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Make sure that your RX 580 GPU is plugged into the PCIe slot closest to the CPU.  Make sure you connected the power connector to the GPU.  Double check all other power connections to the motherboard.  When you power on the computer, does your display show a blue light and then change to yellow (sleep mode) after it doesn't sense a signal from the graphics card?  Do you have an extra HDMI cable to try between the GPU and the monitor?  You need to get a working display before doing much else, such as updating the graphics drivers.

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everything is plugged in and no blue light on the monitor at first it would turn on and off over and over again so i started with the memory cards and found out that the number 3 slot is bad so after pulling that memory card out the computer comes on and stays on but no graphics all the lights and fans work im wondering if maybe my corsair AX750 power supply is strong enough for the G.C. but i should at list have basic graphics right, oh ya the bios battery was dead and i put a new one in but no change

yes i tried deferent cables and no change at all, and nothing happens on the monitor it stays in sleep mode, there is a reset button and a os genie button on the mother board i have not touched them, i dont even know what the genie button is for, im thinking of maybe stripping my pc done and clean everything real good and start from scratch and see what happens

be careful when cleaning, PC components are sensitive. 

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In the beginning you said that the old graphics card is no good.  Maybe something happened to the PCIe slot #1, the one closest to the CPU.  Does your motherboard have a second PCIe slot?  If so, plug your video card into that slot and give it a try.  Clearing the CMOS (by pulling the battery for a few minutes with no power going to the motherboard) is a good idea too.  I'm not sure what the genie button is for, but it might be something related to performing a BIOS update with a USB stick that has the BIOS file on it.

Since you are typing your responses in this forum, that suggests you have another working computer.  If that is the case, I would try the monitor from the working computer on the broken computer.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

to install drivers, go to the AMD website, go to drivers and support, download the auto detect and install tool. Windows has built in video drivers that will work until then. If for some reason the auto detects and install tool doesn't work. Below it on the AMD webpage you can find a list of hardware, find your GPU in that list, and download its drivers. 

AMD drivers are here: AMD Drivers and Support | AMD

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