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How can we interface Texas Intrument DSP McBSP (TDM) with Intel HD Audio interface on COMe module?

Good day,

We would like to learn how we could connect Texas Instrument DSP McBSP (TDM) interface to the Intel HD Audio interface (digital signals)? We would like to exchange audio and data over Intel HD Audio Interface (TDM) for time critical data and signals between a TI DSP and Intel High Definition Audio interface available on COM Express module.


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Does any of the above Original post have anything to do with AMD hardware or software or drivers?

I believe you might open a thread at Intel Forums concerning Intel HD Audio and whether it is compatible with Texas Instrument hardware or not on a COMe board.


Good day,

I contacted AMD because some COM Express Compact Type 6 are equipped with AMD Ryzen Embedded V/R1000 APUs. You might have some experience with HDA interface. I did open a thread at Intel Forums on that topic and i am waiting their feedback


We would like to use COM Express type 6 compact board and use the Intel HDA (High Definition Audio) interface to exchance voice and data with TI DSP TMS320C6746 as shown below. Instead of having High Definition Audio Codec connected to the High Definition Audio Link on the carrier board, we would like to have TI DSP connected on that HDA link and be able to perform audio and data processing on the carrier. The DSP will then be able to transmit the results on a proprietary digital interface to the rest of the system. 












Thanks for the update!

You sound like an engineer or developer of some sort.

Try opening this thread at AMD Forum's Developer's Forum and see if the Moderator believes it will fit in one of its categories starting here to get permission to post:

Also not sure if AMD Moderator for Professional GPU card can help you @fsadough 


Hi Luc,

Are you representing a company? If you ye, feel free to PM me your email address and I can forward your inquiry to our embedded team.


I am engineering manager for hardware design and system engineering department for Frequentis Canada Limited and we are working on a new project which is a proof of concept and it is successful then we will design a custom carrier for our application.

Luc Champagne
Engineering Manager,

Hardware and System Engineering / Product Verification