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Journeyman III

2 cabos de 8 pinos RX 5700 XT

Comprei uma placa de video RX 5700 XT Ela possui 2 entradas para cabos PCIE 8 pinos, mas da minha fonte só sai 1 cabo PCIE 8 pinos.

Posso colocar um cabo y para transformar o cabo PCIE 8 pinos em 2 cabos PCIE 8 pinos?

Possuo uma fonte de 550w

placa mãe aorus b550m elite

ryzen 5700x

memória RAM 8gb |

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 I don't speak Spanish, but 550wtt is NO BUENO for a 5700xt

A quality 750wtt 80+ Gold or better rated PSU from a quality  vendor running 2 power cables from the power supply to the video card's power inputs

8GB of total system RAM is not enough in this day and age

Make sure your BIOS on your motherboard is up  to date

ThreeDee PC specs

Mas provisoriamente daria pra fazer até que consiga comprar a fonte?

baixando as configurações da placa, ou só jogando a 1080p?


a risk I wouldn't take, but that's totally up to you

Get a proper power supply and then run your new 5700xt

ThreeDee PC specs

First with a 550 Watt PSU you PC will under powered for such a High Wattage GPU card.

This is the Minimum PSU Wattage that AMD Recommends for using a RX5700XT:

Screenshot 2023-03-01 192650.png

As mentioned by ThreeDee, it is best to get a upgrade of at least 850 Watts Gold or higher rated PSU to future proof your PC in case you get a more powerful CPU or GPU or other components in the future.

Now to answer your question. You need another 8 Pin PCIe GPU Power cable. Purchase an Adapter that you can connect to one of your PSU's molex or some other PSU power connector like the one below as an example only from Amazon:

Screenshot 2023-03-01 192650.png

Users in the past have had issue with both their PSU and GPU Card connecting two GPU Power cables to one PSU power using a "Y" adapter cable.