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OpenGL & Vulkan

Journeyman III

Why copy time so long for Radeon HD 5760?


I have two NVidia video card, Radeon HD 5760.

My application drive 3 mintors.  

Main application window display at displayport.

Anther two HD monitor connect GTX DVI port 1and  GTS 450 DVI port 2.

and take these two monitor full screen  display image unsing directX 10 Windowed mode.

Image capturerate is 60 and I have to display every frame So I set mintor refreshrate as 60. 

If I drive HD monitor of DVI 1, works fine directX refresh rate 60 fps and copy time is short.  

If I drive two HD monitors copy time from host to GPU . DVI 1 still good but DVI 2 take very long time to copy.

If I drive HD monitor of DVI  2, copy time still very long.

I checked it's directX map() function spend much time in some frame.

I don't understand what's happen, could you help me?

The PC is Windows 64 bit and latest driver version.


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