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OpenGL & Vulkan

Adept I

DXGI Swapchain on Opengl and Vulkan Games

Please add the abilty to use dxgi swapchain in opengl and vulkan game just as Nvidia has done in 526.47 driver. This would allow:  1) the Fullscreen Optimization (flip model) to OpenGL and Vulkan games, just like the windowed game optimization in windows 11 22h2; 2) Faster alt tabbing; 3) Lower latency and input lag in windowed/borderless windowed mode; 4) Allows OpenGL/Vulkan to use Auto-HDR.

The presentation model can be monitored using PresentMon. The new DXGI layer would appear as Composed: Flip, Hardware: Independent Flip, or Hardware Composed: Independent Flip, while classic methods would appear as Hardware: Legacy Flip (if FSE was engaged) or Composed: Copy with GPU GDI. 

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Big Boss

Hi @Fabri ,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it on to the appropriate team.

I have whitelisted you and moved the post to the "OpenGL & Vulkan" forum.


Hi @Fabri ,

As I have been informed, the OpenGL team has added this support. Now, DXGI Swapchain can be enabled by toggling OpenGL Triple Buffering key in Radeon Software Setting. Please try the latest driver (Adrenalin 23.7.1 ) and let us know your findings.


I've tested in Minecraft (OpenGL) and it seems working! Do you know if DXGI Swapchain has been enabled even with Vulkan on only OpenGL?


Thanks for the confirmation.

>>Do you know if DXGI Swapchain has been enabled even with Vulkan on only OpenGL?

The information I posted here is for OpenGL only. For Vulkan part, I will check with the Vulkan team and let you know if I get update on this.


Below is the Vulkan team's reply on the DXGI support:

"Currently, DXGI support for Vulkan is enabled by default for specific features. However, end-users are not allowed to control this functionality. It will be enabled by default eventually.

Users can turn it on by enabling the OS HDR mode with a HDR capable display."


Hey @Fabri 

If you get the latest drivers, DXGI is enabled by default now.