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OpenCL Programming Course

Oregon State University is taking its Desktop Parallel Programming course online through its Ecampus program. This will let students learn this important skill any time they'd like while being dressed any way they'd like.  

More information at:

We also highlighted it on our University Programs page.

Aimed at both students, and CS professionals who want to learn about multicore and GPU programming, and OpenCL. Be aware, this is not a MOOC, this is a university for-credit course. You register with the University, and it will cost money. Most of you are already experienced, or you wouldn't be here. But feel free to pass this pointer on to others.

You know, we have a rule on the forum that offers and solicitations, etc. are not allowed. Since OSU is charging money for this, and I'm potentially drumming up business for them.... But since I run the joint I get to break the rule.   This is to the potential good of our community. If you have something like this that you're aware of, and you want to mention it here, let me know. Or you can just post it, and beg forgiveness afterwards. That works too.

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