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How to debug a crash

Hi Viewon1

  The stack trace does make it look like you are inside a  built in function.  Can you see what line it is crashing on in your function BBoxIntersectP?  Please try to simplify your program to isolate the problem.

Also please try to use Cygwin/gdb, that is the combination that we support and test with.





Adept II

How to debug a crash

Thanks Alan,

I have try to simplify it, I work on this problem since 10 days now 😞

I have sent the software to Himanshu. He is from the AMD Team and/or work for AMD ?

So, I have debug a lot and here is what I know :

1 - it crash at the following line : "float3 tFar = fmax(l1, l2);" (See my code in the previous post). But it is impossible to do an access violation there !

2 - My software work well with Intel SDK (Just for the test and to tell that ti should work)

3 - I have remove all the compilations settings ("-g") and in some "mode" it works.

4 - I have all theses crash since I have switch from struct {float x,y,z} myfloat3; to float3 ! It is not the first time I try to use float3/float8 but each time I fail to run my application with the AMD SDK 😞

5 - I have review, test, print... etc... all my structures for correct datas and alignment... all sounds fine !

So, really I don't know how to debug this. I think that the problem is in the AMD SDK ! Simply because it crash in line where it is impossible for me to do an access violation, like "mycal = clamp(f, 0.f, 1.f)" with local variables !

Another strange stuffs, I have just receive my HD6950 and when I compile I just got on error message from the compiler "Error: Creating kernel RenderPath failed!" !!


Really, I don't know what to do now !!! If you can help me ?