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GPU low level ( assembly ) access

HI to all,

I am experimenting with my Kabini system ( Athlon 5370 open source drivers, Gentoo Linux etc).

I've eread all relevant Bios and Kernel Devguides etc for CPU and infrastructure parts and would like to try writing my own code for builtin HD8400.

To that end, I have attacked available GPU documents ( R600/R700 ISA, various programming guides), but simply can't grasp whole thing.

I undestand that GPU is implemented as a complex machine that has to be triggered to feed itself with a given program and there is not much register access from CPU side ( at least for pre GCN stuff that I was adviced to start reading about and make my way up), but after that I'm lost.

Is there some howto or blog that could get me started, like one can find for CPU stuff ( make your own elf program with assembly etc etc) ?

I know that GPU differ between generations etc etc, but I have trouble grasping things that I'm unfamiliar with on low level.

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Re: GPU low level ( assembly ) access


I'm moving your thread to OpenCL forum where you may get valuable suggestions from experts in this domain.


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