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Adept II
Adept II

CL bug in cat 13.12 ULPS

I use my Intel IGP as primary display, connected to the monitor.

A Radeon 7950 is used as secondary card to perform OpenCL computations ... but I cannot use the 7950 in OpenCL because it has no attached monitor ...

I tried to disable ULPS, but didn't work.

I **CANNOT** undertand why I need a monitor attached to a GPU to be used with OpenCL. It's a non sense...

I must buy a VGA-dummy which is pretty stupid ... why not to put an option in the Catalyst Control Center to "use this card for physics" as NVIDIA's drivers do?

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Re: CL bug in cat 13.12 ULPS

Hi bubu,

You do not need a monitor to be attached to use the graphics card. Please check the information on this thread for more information: Support for headless GPU operation???


Ravi Kumar

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.


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