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Steals of a Deal

Hey All,

I had a conversation with @FiddleSt6x yesterday on our stream and it got me thinking about a good topic.

Have you guys ever come across such a great deal on a piece of hardware/software that you couldn't believe it and just had to jump on it?

Or perhaps you've seen one around recently that you would love to share!

For me, it was the Razer Seiren X. This guy is normally around $130 MSRP - last year I found one on BestBuy at $100 off for just $30CAD. No idea why, and neither did the cashier who checked me out but it was new in the box (still had the seal) and has worked like an absolute charm.

Do you guys have any great stories?

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Oooh yeah.

Bought the RoG Ryujin 240 for 79€ instead of 199€ with warranty.

It was an outlet item from a PC that was on a showcase of a computer store. When the lockdown hit us hard, the store had to close and they let it go for a small price.

I even made a video about it, barely had any use.

The Englishman

I bought an entire Litecoin mining farm years ago for $1,700.  A local company's IT guy was using company money to build systems and put them all over the factory.  He got busted, and they put everything on a pallet and sold it on Craigslist.  I think I got a total of 28 Radeon 5870s, 5850s, and 5830s out of that, plus cases, power supplies, etc...   I sold it piecemeal and more than made my money back.

Hey; Vynski here.

I am not only into computers.  I also like shooting my rifles.

I needed a scope for a new rifle I purchased and was about to purchase one, and thought why not check Walmart website.  When I came across a Tactical Elite Bushnell for $349, I honestly thought something was seriously WRONG.  This is a $1,300- $1,400 scope.  Well I ordered it under the impression that I would probably receive something actually worth $349.  Not so, the serial number said this was actually the Tactical Elite scope that I checked and compared it to.  Not only did I get a terrific price, Bushnell gave me a $60 rebate that lowered the cost to $290.  This was a buy of a lifetime. 

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That deal for me was the PNY XLR8 CS3030 2TB NVME was on sale last week for $100. 2 TB's of storage for a $100. A 3rd party seller on Amazon and Antonline both had it for this price. I wanted to purchase it, but real life comes first and I had to get some work done on my car. These slick deals never come when I got money to blow! 😭😆

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