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Adept III

I had an idea. Lets have a gaming block party at school.

I had an idea while I was building a base in Valheim. What if I took the LAN Fest that I know and love and combined it with a college recruitment opportunity, and marketing in a BIG WAY while taking e-sports to a whole new level. 

I present to you all: Portland State University's end of School year Gaming Block Party!!!!

This is a weekend long bash where all the  gaming clubs get together and run there final tournaments of the school year. There will be food and prizes (hopefully we get some gracious partners like AMD has been) This means very soon to be recent grads yearning to know how to get into the gaming industry. 

I also got the green light to start social media accounts for the org so that's going to be coming soon. I'll also be stepping down from president since I'm graduating so soon. I want to make sure I can train the new person while I focus on the last of my school projects and job searching. 

I'm rambling again... any way, the block party is a way for students to be able to actually meet the people behind the scenes and maybe become them one day, maybe soon. It's also to get more eyes on the Portland PC  Gaming club now that we are officially an organization with a real budget. I almost feel like pinochio. 

Aaany way, this has been squirrel talk featuring yours truly,



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