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Cool Tech you should know about

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to ask the hive mind that is the Red Team about any Cool Tech that you guys might have or know about that you wanted to share with the team! Things that have made your life easier *cough* Roomba @Wally_AMD *Cough 😉 * or make your space cooler. Who knows you might just inspire someone to go spend their hard-earned loot!

Here is one that has made my life so much easier:

Automatic Cat Feeder


Oh man, this thing has been such a great addition! Not only is it a fire-and-forget system where you fill it about once a month, and then let it go - it also has helped us keep our cat from annoying us in the early morning looking for food.

Here is something that I've wanted:

Smart TV Backlight

I think these things are so cool to make a space come alive, especially the ones that don't have a camera. I've always loved LED lights, but used in the right way and these would be the right way to use them.


So what do you guys have to share with the group?





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This is a great post! I was thinking of sharing something I recently picked up that's made my life slightly more convenient, so thanks for beating me to it, @Key-J... 😜 

That Roomba has been a game-changer. I'm always surprised (and slightly disgusted) at how much dirt/dust/hair it picks up each round. I blame my dog...  (You need to get one!)

But, the one thing that has also improved my cleanliness, or should I say, PC cleanliness, has been this electric air duster by X-POWER! There are other brands of course, this is just one I found great reviews on and decided to give it a try. I was always tired of buying compressed air cans and their lack of production and short-term usage so I looked for a solution. That's where the A-2 Airrow Pro duster came in! (I sound like a salesman...)



So if you're looking for a quality-of-life change that will make cleaning out the dust from your PC or crumbs outta your keyboards, check one of these dusters out.

I've got 2 good dogs and it doesn't help. 😂😂

That just means... TWO ROOMBAS! 😂

We have considered a rumba.  The main thing holding us back is that our place is constantly changing with boxes, supplies, etc.  Life in the country.  We would feel sorry for the Rumba trying to keep up with the daily clutter change.  Always something.


Indeed, with two younger children, the house is always a cluttered mess that a Roomba simply can't navigate though.  I just use my Kirby.


I got the OPOLAR one, battery power. Not as strong as that one for sure but super handy around the house.

And that is how my PC is clean clean clean. I do it like once a week.


The Roomba is amazing piece of tech. I have an old model that I got 3 years ago but super trustworthy!
Just changed the rubber threads for 15€ Can't live without it and the Braava.



The Englishman

Absolutely - I had seen the OPOLAR one too, but opted for the wired version for the power since I can use it to annoy my fiancee from across the room by blowing air at her. 🤣


I use a Rigid cordless leaf blower. I bought it for blowing snow off my car in the winter, but it's been used more for keeping my balcony snow free. It also does a fine job of blowing out rads & fans, even if it's a bit clunky and awkward to wield.

Performance over Pretty.
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Oh man... this is my kind of post. Here are a couple of random tech things that I have had my eyes on: 

  • Divoom Pixoo 
    • It's a digital pixel display you can create art on and hang or put anywhere. 
      • image.png
  • Mug warmer for my desk (I feel like I can never drink hot coffee fast enough) 
    • image.png
  • Hexagon light panels
    • I don't think I will buy these just because of the cost, but I feel these could bring a  cool vibe to an office/game room! 
      • image.png

As you can tell, I'm a late-night "add to cart but never buy" shopper LOL. 

I'm still thinking about the cool tech I have purchased... I'll follow up if I think of anything! 

I saw a commercial on TV about 3 days ago with one of the digital display devices and guess who I immediately thought of; that's right Amber.   

Haha stop it!! I guess it's very on brand for me 😂

The one I saw on TV was much larger than the one your displaying.  It appeared to be about 24" x 30".


Oh yes, I would absolutely love those tiles! You're right though, the price is just so steep!

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Volunteer Moderator

I like them too but the power wire for each set of 10 lights means my wife would say no.  I can't see trying to put that cable in a wall either, since it's probably not rated for in-wall installation.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

I was thinking @Amber_AMD instead of a Mug warmer, you might be interested in something like the Ember Mug


A Mug which can keep your drinks at your desired temperature for as long as you need.


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I really like this. I have a birthday coming up and going to ask for:



Hahaha, glad I could help you find something you didn't know you were looking for 😛

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You did for sure. I've never heard of them before. I leave at 4:30am every morning and am doing 150mi round trip for a few weeks. That ember travel mug is Perfect! Thanks @Key-J 

If you do end up getting it, you will have to tell us about it!

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Mug Warmer?

I do have something here that I normally use during the cold work mornings.

Mug Warmer 



The Englishman

Why not just use a YETI cup like I do.  Mine will hold 4 cups of coffee and keep it not just warm but hot for 2-3 hrs.


I don't guess you have seen the videos of the dogs that have figured out how to get more food and empty them in one day.  lol

I guess the tech devices that have made a difference in my life are the cordless drills and cordless ratchets.  Being able to take a drill with a spare battery where you would need a portable generator before is a great convenience.  I like these so much that I am looking at trading in 2 gas powered chainsaws for an electric one.  I need to get in touch with my dealer to see what he will give me on a trade-in, if at all. 

My cat keeps sticking its paw up the hole, and it has gotten a couple of pieces of kibble out, but no major food heist just yet.

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