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Community Manager Appreciation Day - 2023

Starting, building and maintaining a community is no easy task. However, absolutely killing it is even harder! So @Sam_AMD@Amber_AMD and @Wally_AMD thank you for the absolutely amazing job you guys have done and continue to do with the Red Team!

I've been so happy to be part of this community for the last year, and honestly, I have seen it grow and develop into something super cool! Not only from the content, support, contests and general fun that the Community Managers create and bring to us - but the stuff that members of the Red Team themselves come up with!

Sam, thank you for always making people on the Red Team feel heard, taking some of the suggestions and questions people ask to the right people and following up! I know it might not seem like a lot, but when someone says "You know, let me ask the right people about this and I will get back to you" and they do that - it means a ton!

Amber, outside of thanking you for all the awesome giveaway posts (and please keep them coming 😉 ) - Thanks for being such a personality on the forums and sharing lots about your gaming experience with everyone! It is also a lot of fun to see you represent the team on streams with partners like Alienware (and kick their asses) 😛

Wally, since joining the team last year you've brought up some really interesting discussion topics and kept the Red Team informed about things going on! You are also ridiculously good at FPS games and I can't wait to see how VLans and stuff take off this year! Thanks for joining this crazy crew!


So join me in wishing them a happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! - Looking forward to an exciting year ahead! (1).gif

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Community Manager

This is so sweet, thank you for the love @Key-J ! 

So grateful that the Red Team is my day job, and I get to work with awesome people like you every day! 



Community Manager

Well, shucks, @Key-J -- thank you! It's community members like you who make our jobs the best. I genuinely haven't been around such a passionate, funny, and welcoming community like this in a long time. 

It's definitely a privilege to serve you all! 


@amber on a bad day.  What do you think she would be like on a good day?

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!!

Congratulations!! 😃

Like I said before, been a pleasure and a honor to be around in this amazingly built community.

The Englishman
Volunteer Moderator

A toast to our Community Managers!

White wines for toasting, red wines for drinking.White wines for toasting, red wines for drinking.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Great Job!! @Wally_AMD , @Amber_AMD  and @Sam_AMD 


Definitely some workhorses! My thanks to the GOATs, @Sam_AMD , @Amber_AMD , @Wally_AMD 

Continue to level up!

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Community Manager

Thank you, Everyone! 

Working with and for the Red Team Community is a joy! I learn a lot from you every day. I'm impressed by your willingness to help each other while keeping the community toxic-free. And you never fail to put a smile on my face; you have a great sense of humor that never fails to put a smile on my face and energizes me for the day ahead. I have the best job at AMD! Thank you! 


I'm not crazy...just happy!I'm not crazy...just happy!


Your biggest fan!
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You all do a wonderful job, because that is what it is, a fulltime job.  You obviously enjoy it as much as I enjoy going there every evening, and sometimes morning. I hope you never get to the point where you hate to go to work in the morning.  That is a feeling I would not wish on anyone.

Thank you very much for making my days much more pleasant.