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Community Manager

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Ed Crisler, PR Manager at Sapphire



Join us in the Red Team Discord for another Ask Me Anything with Ed Crisler from Sapphire! Ed is the North American PR Manager for Sapphire, and if you're a usual in this server, I'm sure you've interacted with Ed at some point!


We’ll be welcoming some live questions during the session, so mark your calendars for your chance to have Ed share his wisdom with you!


RSVP to the event in Discord here or join us in the #stage voice channel on April 30th at 12 am PST / 2 pm CST.

Attendees will have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes to win some Sapphire and AMD swag!

See you there!

2 Replies

Would have been nice to got questions from here get collected and send over.

Adept II

We ask here as a RedTeam Comunity if someone wants they can ask in discord.Why sapphire not producing gaming laptops?they can try to produce AMD Advantage edition as a Amd s one of the famous partner.As i know vega56 chip only used in Acer can create nice selection for gaming laptops.Thanks....