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I'm a developer working on software on/for AMD systems meaning CPU & GPU, (Laptops / Desktops), both Linux and Windows.

I recently had a catastrophic driver collision with windows 10 and windows-update which completely fried a M.2 NVME SSD (FireCuda 530 SSD 500GB). The SSD in question had my usual Laptop setup on it, meaning following partitions for multiboot: 1x EFI, 1x Windows 10, 1x Fedora 36, 1x Kali Linux

Objectively speaking this might be related to the recently "ultra-rare Radeon driver bug" which seems to be killing windows installations. In case this is true I want to do by part to provide the developers with as much information as possible on the problem.

Sadly I can not recover any logs or errors from the SSD, even by using digital forensic tools. The SSD is damaged to a degree where neither the BIOS, Windows nor Linux recognize the device.

I'd like to get whitelisted so that I can get to the bottom of what caused this issue and what I need to avoid to keep the other identical devices from suffering the same fate.

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Hi @VenaNocta ,

I have whitelisted you for the AMD Developers community.

Please note, for driver/software related support, you can post here: Drivers & Software