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Where should Linux users and developers go for support and to report bugs?

While I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable and long time (>20 years) Linux user and developer, I'm at my wits end trying to sort out how to get multi-GPU OpenCL support working for the 6000 series cards.[1]  I've tracked down every seemingly relevant link I can find on the web, but the information available is rather thin.

I've also looked around for communities where this would be an appropriate discussion topic, but haven't found any.  Even in these forums, I haven't spotted an obvious place to congregate as the forums seem to be organized by functionality, rather than platform.  So where should desktop Linux users be going for help troubleshooting issues and reporting bugs specifically related to Linux drivers?

[1] Specifically as it relates to the PCIe atomics issue which I confess to being rather confused as to what the current state of this is.  Some of the information alludes to the possibility of not requiring it with recent cards using more recent drivers but I am not having any success finding any detailed release notes on said drivers.

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Thank you for the query. You have been whitelisted for the AMD Developer community.

Below are the two driver options available on Linux:

1) AMDGPU-Pro:

Based on your gpu, you can select and download appropriate driver from here:

The latest AMDGPU-Pro (21.50) driver can be found here:

If you are looking for developer related support, please use appropriate developer forum under the AMD Developer community to post any issue/query. Otherwise, you can access our support community here: 

2) ROCm:

Here are the links to find the latest ROCm driver and related packages:

ROCm related documentation is available here:

For ROCm related support, its Github sites are the best place to post any query/issue. For example:

Also, we have a separate community for ROCm here: AMD ROCm Community.