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Unable to post my question in

Hi, I have a question about uProf but I cannot post anything there. First it complains that my post contains invalid html elements and it will try to remove them, but actually it cannot remove them and just triggers another submit of my post, which of course failed, so I have to wait another 10min to post, then failed again, then wait another 10 min, then 6 hours.

And finally I find a trick to post my question and find that it is invisible for others. It needs to be somehow reviewed by an admin or sth like that. The problem is, I post the same question on the next day, and again it goes to the Review status. Now 5 days have already passed. My posts are still invisible to others...

Why it is so hard to ask a question in this forum? 

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Hello,  While I work on to resolve this issue, you may post your queries at toolchainsupport <>.




thx, I wlll first write my question to that email address.


Hi @quagfeng ,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The server gurus community is separately moderated. Your post was under the moderation queue, hence it was not appearing on the server gurus community board. I have approved it, now it's visible there. Please check.