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Journeyman III

Request to speak with gpu developers

So I have this idea I wanna put out there if y’all think it’s possible. So at the moment we are reaching a stalemate in Processing power for size my idea fixes that it’s an innovation im putting out in the open for you to try. We currently have switches at the atomic level we can’t go smaller well why go smaller let’s compact that use the frequency of electricity running through those as another switch so let’s say frequency A is on and frequency B is off we can double our processing power without going smaller

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It's a great idea.

I just wonder if the community server can handle the possible information load.

Anything to do with hardware or software (electronic) engineering) takes up a lot of data.

I bet AMD already has contractor sites for the soul purpose of innovation from people who are not bound by the organizations Standard Operation Policy (SOP).

It would be good (personal opinion) for AMD to provide a permanent link to such sites in their community forum.

This could also help people who need work and have expertise in the software coding and electronic hardware engineering fields. 


That’s why I’m putting it out there I don’t have the resources to make a proper prototype so I’m letting the idea sit out in the open for all who want to try to make it work 

Adept II

I may be mistaken, but I believe most circuit design is done with FET based logic gates.

A FET is an active element that is biased by DC. DC on is one state, DC off is another.

What you're describing is adding an additional frequency domain on top of the DC on/off. Lets keep it simple here with just one possible on/off state per frequency state. In that case the logic gate can occupy an on/on, on/off, off/on, or off/off state.

It is easy to map an additional frequency domain onto an AC signal, we do it all the time with FM radio. DC isn't so easy. It would probably require an innovation in our fundamental design of the active elements that make up circuit logic gates. That isn't to say it is impossible, but it certainly isn't technology that is widespread and easily commercialized.

Edit: I just thought I'd clarify, the FET in microprocessor circuits is usually a MOSFET at our current tech development.

Journeyman III

Leave GPU developers alone.
You need to speak with psychiatrist first.


Every switch from one state to another costs energy. So, if you plan to encode each state with some kind of FM scheme, there will be MANY more switching events needed for each state and thus your energy use would skyrocket.

Also, your logic would need to be much faster and thus much more power hungry.

Some of what you are describing has been tried with resonant logic and similar schemes, but in the end they have never produced anything useful.