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Journeyman III

Geezer noob seeks help in vast thick undergrowth hiding the machine codes?

I am Al Marcy, a 71 year old who wrote machine code in the earlier days and worked up to "C" in thirty years. Twenty years ago I burnt out and went to bed. Still there, but getting better all the time. Not younger, just less wretched. I seek help getting my homebrew PC loaded for coding and de"bug"ing and hyper-KOZMIK-tuning. I once wrote every instruction in the box. I had to learn to get along with others. Machines were much easier to deal with, as a general rule. So, Help!

I am on Windows 10, AMD Phenom II X4 850... 8GB, 2TB HD. 1920x1080x60Hz 42". No printer. Hard copy was OK, in the last century...

8*D  [ uppercase 🙂 ]

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