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entangled qubits

hello i would like to ask if amd has an apparatus for entangled qubits. thanks very much.

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Googling Entangled Qubit seems to be associated with Quantum Computer. So are you asking if AMD uses Quantum PC:

In a quantum computer, entanglement is used as a sort of computational multiplier for qubits. As you entangle more and more qubits together, the ability of the system to make calculations grows not in a linear fashion, but exponentially. It explodes. But entanglement is also a point of weakness for quantum computers.Dec 27, 2019

1st - Why do you need this specific information? Are you already planning on buying a quantum PC from AMD?

2nd - If Google hasn't banned you, there's such a thing as using the "search" function of their search engine to find the desired information.

3rd - The best result for the words "AMD" and "quantum computing" in the same context is a news article from almost 2 years ago:

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